9.14.10 Tuesday morning msg from the Stuttes: "Please continue to send support and prayers! We have learned that members of the community have met informally to spread untrue rumors and to perpetuate a climate of hate. We are trying to be strong, but feel threatened and unsafe. Thanks so much for all that is being done. We truly appreciate each and everyone of you and hope to be an example for all. We do not want anyone else to suffer as we have suffered."
  • This was a heartbreaking conversation.  I think they were feeling strong and strenthened by the community outreach and now have been devastated by the fear of possible retaliation.  The ongoing assault this couple is experiencing is undeserved and motivated by fear. Continue to post your comments of encouragement at We support the Stutte family! on Facebook. Contact one of the organizations listed below to make a donation.  Keep the great ideas and resources coming to rlucas@pflagmaryville.org I am passing these on to Carol Ann and Laura as I receive them.  (Becky Lucas)
9.13.10--Message from the Stuttes:  "Please tell all our supporters we are so grateful and thankful to them.  We couldn't speak out about this without the strong foundation of support we are receiving from all the nice people."
(As of today, OutQ from Sirius Radio, the Knoxville News-Sentinel, and WBIR Channel 10 have contacted the Stuttes for interviews!)
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